Successful Virtual HCA General Meeting 2021

From 28-30 June 2021 the global Human Cell Atlas (HCA) community came together for an all-digital General Meeting 2021. The two-day event attracted more than 1,000 attendees from 59 countries. Boasting a diverse conference programme including 50 poster session, 19 talks and 15 breakout sessions, the meeting was aimed at fostering scientific discussion and exchange as well as providing an overview of the progress made by the various HCA research teams around the globe.

In their plenary talk "Enhancing the Human Cell Atlas with Ogranoids" taking place on the second meeting day, HCA|Organoid coordinator Christoph Bock (CeMM) togeher with Barbara Treutlein (ETH Zürich) highlighted how organoid reseach will contribute to and help advance HCA activities in the future. Following his talk Bock also led a breakout session focused on organoids.

The recording of the meeting is available online.